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Talanoa Mada is an “extraordinarily” heady social thinking kava. Talanoa Mada means bringing people together to express thoughts and opinions (pronounced ‘Talanoa Manda’) or a means of getting involved in a conversation, dialogue, story telling between a group on individuals. Not necessarily a heavy kava, this special all basal roots from Vanuatu is great for social setting as it takes all the brakes off of thoughts. Mellow taste profile & easy on the palate. Some of friends who tried this root, reported Talanoa Mada starts off heady and ends somewhat semi heavy.

Our expert reviewer, Mr. Jimmy Price (Kava Forums) taste tested our Talanoa Mada for four consecutive days and his conclusion was:

Talanoa Mada is a special, social kava more geared towards longer sessions with friends. The sedative qualities of this root powder are minimized, while the more bright and stimulatory properties are accentuated. This is a kava to drink long into the early hours of the morning, talking with friends or family. When looking at the lab reports, this kava embodies what people say when they remark “labs aren’t everything”. With a lower kavalactone percentage one would think the effect profile would be muted, however this isn’t the case. This is a Vanuatu sourced 100% corm or lewena kava powder. This means it contains no lateral roots at all. What you get with all corm is a more drinkable, less sedative kava. One thing that should be noted here is that this kava may not be the best suited for sleep, and as such should be used in social situations where sharing and talking is the standard. Typically the kava community would suggest this kava to be in the “stimulatory or social” range of kavas, seeing as it lacks the classic sedative effects normally seen in other types.

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