Kelai, Single Cultivar, 1LB



Kelai is a rare single cultivar variety. Grown in Vanuatu, almost exclusively on the island of Epi. This is a limited edition, as Kelai is mostly consumed locally making it difficult to source. Kelai is approximately 70% Basal roots and 30% Lateral roots, in essence the entire kava plant without separating the roots. This method ensures in keeping this variety a TRUE SINGLE CULTIVAR. The posted certificate of analysis and graph by a 3rd party trusted laboratory provides proof of its true single cultivar! Creamy taste profile with euphoric and relaxing effects. This is one of those unique cultivars that leans towards Heady effects. Excellent variety to drink for anxiety, while socializing, or just to wind down in the evening.

Our expert reviewer, Mr. Jimmy Price (Kava Forums) taste tested our Kelai for four consecutive days and his conclusion was:

“Kelai is one of the most cultivated, and coveted kava cultivars. This kava has enjoyed a long history of careful farming and cultivation as referenced by it’s obvious kavalactone ratio properties. Kelai lends itself to high levels of kavain, and dihydrokavain with comparatively very low levels of the other kavalactones. Kavain and DHK will be at least double the amount of the kavalactone in the 3rd spot. This profile speaks to its fast effects, and low levels of sedation. Grind is fine to very fine, however it’s not fine enough to pass through your filter medium, so there’s no worry of ending up with a gritty beverage. This fine grind allows for the better emulsion of kava root material in order to pull out the maximum levels of the kavalactones we seek. Color is medium beige with a darker tint due to the amount of lateral roots. With an 80/20 lateral root to corm ratio this kava will be weighted in the “waka” end of the spectrum with higher levels of lactones, and more immediate effects. Taste is peppery from the heavier lateral content, but agreeable and not overwhelming. Effects are spot on in terms of what we would expect from Kelai. Quick action, low sedation, and what some would term “heady”. This kava is likely not one that you would want to end the day with or as a “night cap”. Kelai is for social situations. It has the ability to accentuate communication and pushes the drinker to seek connection and understanding. This is a “functional” cultivar. Not one for putting yourself to sleep with, but one for making life, while awake, more interesting. Highly suggest giving it a try if you’re looking for a kava to break out with friends to have an excellently enriching experience”.

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