A Trusted Name for Premium-Quality Kava

Fiji Vanua Kava is a family business that specializes in sourcing the highest quality Kava from the farms in the Fiji Islands to California in the United States. Our Fiji Kava operation has been established since 1989 and soon we branched out to the U.S. and have been in the Kava wholesale industry since 2011. This website is the result of our successful journey so far.

Positive reviews and encouragement from our customers is what keeps us going. We cultivate and process our own Kava, and there is no middle-man involved. We offer free shipping of premium-quality Kava products sourced directly from farms to every corner of the United States. Continue reading to learn more about Fiji Vanua Kava.

Our Core Values

We stand firmly on the core values of professionalism and integrity, and strive relentlessly to gain the trust of our customers through the quality of our products. We price our products reasonably to make the benefits of Kava available to a wider customer base. We are not wholesalers but the actual source. We source Kava from the farms in Fiji and clean, wash, grind, and process it ourselves.

We are involved in the entire process from start to end, ensuring high quality and taste. We also do third-party testing in the US for pathogens like E.coli and Salmonella.

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A close up of green leaves on the ground