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This single cultivar, born in the Island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu, is well appreciated on the local market.

Approximately 70% Basal roots and 30% Lateral roots, in essence the entire kava plant without separating the roots. This method ensures in keeping this variety a TRUE SINGLE CULTIVAR.

Also called “Bir Sul” (“Yellow kava”), the Palarasul from Santo is the most considered kava on the island in Vanuatu – this is the kava of the chiefs.

This kava is not present in high quantity. Farmers in the middle bush usually have few Palarasul plants in gardens for traditional events.

There are 2 sources of Palarasul on Espiritu Santo, the main one is located on the south of our island the second is in the center of the island which is rarer but something different in quality and effects.

This is a very rare and exceptional high standard kava. Traditionally prepared, local consumer knows this green and fresh kava can send anyone asleep after few shells!

This variety combines a smooth taste, euphoria and a moderate relaxant effective well diluted!

Heady Effect: Fast, very strong & durable.

Appearance: Its biggest differentiation is the yellow leaves that highlight the plants even in the middle of other varieties!

The stems evolve by the time, Light Green when the kava is young and looks alike Borogu stems once grown-up.

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