Bir-Kar, Single Cultivar, 1LB



Bir Kar is a rare single cultivar variety. Grown in Vanuatu, on the island of Espiritu Santo, the only place in the world, Bir Kar is found. Bir Kar is a limited edition, as this rare variety is mostly consumed locally.

Bir Kar is approximately 70% Basal roots and 30% Lateral roots, in essence the entire kava plant without separating the roots. This method ensures in keeping this variety a TRUE SINGLE CULTIVAR. The posted certificate of analysis and graph by a 3rd party trusted laboratory provides proof of its true single cultivar! Slightly peppery and creamy taste profile, with euphoric and relaxing effects, this is one of those unique cultivars that leans towards Heady but can venture off towards heavy, depending on variables.

Our expert reviewer, Mr. Jimmy Price (Kava Forums) taste tested our Bir Kar for four consecutive days and his conclusion was: “Bir Kar, also known as “red kava” or “short-ring melo melo”, with an average chemotype of 423156 is a rather fast-acting and overall strong cultivar of kava. Brewing up light due to the mix of corm and lateral roots, this kava is peppery but smooth in taste, and easy to drink. The effects are very present and come on quickly after consumption. This is a kava spoken of by experts as being “strong and fast”. Bir Kar is slightly more muscle relaxing than Kelai, and slightly more euphoric and uplifting than Borogoru. A rather excellent choice for a “middle of the road” but strong kava that still ticks all of the boxes for taste and effects”.

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Weight 1 lbs
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