Totoka, Single Cultivar, 1LB


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Grown in the pristine, remote islands of Fiji’s Lomaiviti group, this rare single-cultivar kava promises a captivating balance between heady and heavy effects.


Totoka: A Rare Fijian Treasure

Discover the exquisite balance of Totoka, a name that fittingly means “beautiful” and “pretty” in Fijian. This outstanding kava variety offers a unique, harmonious experience that kava enthusiasts will treasure.

Origin and Heritage: Totoka hails from the pristine, remote islands of Fiji’s Lomaiviti group. Nestled in this pollution-free paradise, Totoka grows in fertile soil rich with age-old traditions. The unspoiled environment contributes to the purity and potency of this exceptional kava.

Balanced Effects: Experience the perfect equilibrium with Totoka. Neither too heavily sedating nor overly heady, this balanced kava provides a smooth, moderate experience suitable for various occasions. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking relaxation without overwhelming effects.

True Single Cultivar: Totoka is a rare, single cultivar kava, meticulously prepared to preserve its unique characteristics. Each pack contains approximately 70% basal roots and 30% lateral roots, encompassing the entire kava plant without separation. This method ensures the authenticity of this true single cultivar.

Kavalactone Profile: Totoka boasts a distinctive kavalactone lineup of 4-2-6-3-5-1, contributing to its balanced effects and unique flavor profile.

Quality Assurance: Every batch of Totoka undergoes rigorous third-party laboratory testing. The posted certificate of analysis provides proof of its true single cultivar status and ensures the highest standards of quality and purity.

Limited Availability: Due to its rare nature and stringent quality controls, Totoka is available in very limited quantities. Each pack is carefully prepared to offer you an unmatched kava experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned kava connoisseur or new to the world of kava, Totoka offers a truly special experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Fijian tradition with every shell of this exceptional kava.

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