Silese, Single Cultivar, 1LB


Immerse yourself in the story of Silese—a rare gem from the volcanic soils of Malekula, Vanuatu. This isn’t just kava; it’s a passage to peace, crafted by the hands of tradition.

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This outstanding kava variety is known for its Unique heavy, sedating qualities.

  • Deep Calm: This kava is all about giving you a powerful sense of tranquility and depth.
  • Rich Heritage: It grows in the fertile, volcanic soil of Malekula, absorbing the island’s spirit and age-old traditions.
  • Potent and Pure: Each sip promises a journey into deep relaxation, a treasure cherished for its strength and sedative nature.
  • Rooted in Tradition: Silese is born from an ancient lineage, steeped in the rituals that honor the land and its people.
  • One of a Kind: Silese is a single cultivar. It comes from a special type of kava plant that’s known for its strength and deep relaxation effects.
  • Authenticity Guaranteed: Directly from the volcanic soils of Malekula to your home. The posted certificate of analysis by a 3rd party trusted laboratory provides proof of its true single cultivar!
  • Limited Quantity: Very limited number of packs available, each meticulously prepared to offer you an unmatched kava experience.

This RARE single cultivar is approximately 70% Basal roots and 30% Lateral roots; in essence the entire kava plant without separating the roots. This method ensures keeping this variety a TRUE SINGLE CULTIVAR.


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