Malo Tongan Kava



It is WELL KNOWN that good Tongan Kava is difficult to get hold of. We are happy to offer our Malo Tongan Kava as a product on our online store. Sourced from the island of Eua, offering a well-balanced, creamy taste and potent effects. This indeed is a unique Kava that the Kingdom of Tonga offers. The unique creamy taste and heady effects are a “culture” of good Tongan Kava.

One of our expert reviewer friends, Mr. J. Price described it best, “It’s smooth, doesn’t make me curse the tiles on the sink backsplash from the taste, and has a great effect. Some kavas make it hard for me to sleep, and I would have thought this Tongan would have that quality, but nope. I pass right out once my head hits the pillow. I’m a heavy sleeper, though. It has a great uplifting anti-depressant effect as well”.

  • Heady effects. Happy, calm, and relaxed feeling
  • Pure noble kava. Sourced directly from the farmers
  • 100% sun dried
  • Smooth and creamy taste profile
  • Lab test attached – for purity – no fillers added, kavalactone content & toxicity
  • Medium grind-you need a strainer bag to make it the traditional way
  • Free shipping

Additional information

Weight 0.10 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Malo Tonga 1LB, Malo Tonga Gold 2LB Pack